Architectural Surveys in Rotherham, Sheffield
and the Surrounding Areas

With over four decades of shared experience in the architectural and building sectors, our home buyer and party wall surveyors at Crossbow Developments are known for reliable and professional services. From home buyers surveys to party wall agreements, we go above and beyond to ensure the property you have your heart set on won’t let you down, and neighbours maintain a healthy relationship before, during and after construction work.

If you’re based in Rotherham, Sheffield or any of the surrounding areas we cover, please call our qualified team now for a free quotation and friendly advice. 

Architectural Surveys Explained

Our detailed surveys are systematic examinations and assessments of existing buildings performed to accumulate comprehensive information about their physical, historical and cultural characteristics. They play a vital role in the areas of architecture, historic preservation, and urban planning. The primary objective is to document and analyse the existing conditions of a site, property or area, providing a basis for informed decision-making in relation to its preservation, restoration or redevelopment.

Crossbow Developments’ home buyer and party wall surveyors carry out the following architectural surveys:

Building Evaluations

By identifying any form of structural deficiency during a survey, we can highlight any potential safety concerns and detail essential maintenance works. We will assess the foundations, roofing structure, overall construction, and critical utility components to ensure they comply with current building regulations. Our reports will allow property owners to prioritise renovations or refurbishments.

Measured Building Surveys

We use the latest industry technology to calculate the precise measurements of a property whilst documenting the building’s dimensions and layouts. The information gathered from our measured building surveys is invaluable for clients planning extensive renovations or repairs. Also, our findings benefit future construction works or structural alterations, ensuring our clients can gain the most from their properties.

Environmental Impact Assessments

The most detailed architectural surveys carried out by our experienced team, EIAs are essential to any proposed construction project. Our examinations identify potential issues affecting the surrounding air, water, soil and ecosystems. Addressing these concerns in advance assures the long-term viability of the project whilst maintaining biodiversity and eco-friendly responsibilities. 

The details provided in our reports go a long way towards ensuring the preservation of older properties and the continuation of sustainable development. 

Crossbow Developments’ Professional Services

Please contact our home buyer and party wall surveyors at Crossbow Developments for any of the following professional services in Rotherham, Sheffield and the surrounding areas we cover:

  • Architectural Design

  • Sustainable Design

  • Architectural Surveys

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Measured Building Surveys

  • Building Evaluations

  • Building Plans

  • Planning Permission Applications

  • Property Development

  • Home Buyers Surveys

  • Party Wall Surveys

  • Dilapidations Surveys

Call 01142 305360 or 07746 712627 for architectural surveys in Rotherham, Sheffield and the surrounding areas.
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